Day 2.94

Smelling: peat burning
Hearing: dogs barking
Feeling: light rain, carsickness
Tasting: scrambled eggs with sheep’s milk cheese
Seeing: a barren landscape

The first thing we did yesterday, after discovering the French press and the bag of probably-stale, but decent coffee, was drive to Galway. I was a little surprised at how much that city felt like a Maryland suburb, like Rockville. I probably say that about a lot of cities, though. Once we got into the city centre it had more of those landmarks of a European city, though– my family was ogling the cobblestones and gushing about how it felt like the Munstraat or Diestestraat in Leuven. Since we were looking for a kosher for Passover lunch option and lots of things were either closed or too bready, I saw that there was a Boojum so we all got either burrito salads or bowls. I got a few bites into mine before realizing that they forgot to add beans!

We wandered around Galway for a bit, watching buskers and stopping so my dad and brother could buy windbreakers. We got back into the car to drive to drive to Gurumna, but stopped in a crafts village where my mom bought lots of crafts, and I sat in a café with my dad and brother sipping green tea, hoping it would boost my immune system so I wouldn’t catch whatever they two had.

Our short walk on the Gurumna definitely felt like a post-apocalyptic video game at first. It’s on high ground with no mountains in view, the road is pretty quiet, the fields are stony, the electric and telephone wires buzz, and I definitely saw some animal’s disembodied tail on the side of the road. The shortened loop took us past houses down to a quay and back up again. Mum claimed that being near civilization “ruined the experience” for her, but a walk in an isolated location still is what it is, like.

After stopping in a SuperValu on the way back, we heated up some soup with Connemara kombu and watched some cyclocross racing on TV. I was dog-tired by 9 and ready to fall asleep then but because of who I am as a person I didn’t fall asleep til after 11.


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