Day 2.95

Tasting: roast salmon and mussels
Smelling: still lots of smoke
Hearing: the loudspeaker in the train station
Seeing: the Cliffs of Moher
Feeling: absolutely burnt-out and carsick

Our first order of the day was to go to the Cliffs of Moher. That was one sight that many of my study abroad friends had seen early on when they arrived in Ireland, and I had somehow put off for a while. But I was happy to wait for today. They were actually a little smaller than I thought they’d be, but impressive nonetheless. My dad was noting how the trend of tourism to natural locations rather than cities seems to be relatively new, and how when he visited a couple decades ago the Cliffs weren’t quite as busy or popular. I definitely appreciate the natural tourism thing, because it’s something unique to a place that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. Plus, we’ve gotta appreciate this planet, like. It might be destroyed any day now. 🙂 🙂

Anyway, I concluded that I love the natural tourism, but what I really care about in travel is meeting and making a connection with the people. They don’t even need to be “from” that place, but if they live there and I get to experience what it’s like to live there a little, that’s a successful travel.

We went to get a late lunch in a nearby town which ended up being a bit fancier and had a longer wait than we expected, but was worth it. I was practically on the point of tears with fatigue and nausea, but felt better after the decent meal. My parents then drove me down to Limerick Colbert station so I could take a train back to Cork for the night. I was going to my friends’ end-of-year party, but honestly even if I wasn’t I also just really wanted to be home. The party was fantastic; I met some lovely people and listened to some great tunes. So was just simply being home.


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