Day 2.96

Smelling: very strong flowers
Tasting: five different kinds of rice, spicy curry
Hearing: Lillie explaining Irish trivia to my family
Feeling: caffeinated, the gym shower
Seeing: the city at night

I had a nice lazy morning of watching Voltron and eating lots of food and enjoying myself. Unfortunately this went on longer than it should have, and with my phone on silent and put away, I missed my family’s texts and calls for hours. They were coming into Cork and were going to get lunch at Market Lane, and it wasn’t until my dad contacted me on Messenger that I actually got dressed and headed out of the house. I didn’t get to order food, but I did get to eat my family’s leftovers. That’s the important part!

They drove me to training, which was a pretty good session. Rory wasn’t there so we were lacking a few functioning righty épées– as in, we basically had none. And we only had two functioning pistes, which isn’t too abnormal but it demoted épée to unelectrified for the night. So I switched between foil and épée a few times, and I can still confirm a better time with épée.

My family came by after I was showered and I got to briefly introduce them to the teammates that were there. My mom was somewhat amazed that even on Easter weekend we were training. They’re a bit confused about what’s supposed to be open, and when people are supposed to be home, on such a weekend. Lillie came with us to Wagamama, where four other of our teammates met us later. My family went back to the hotel and I went back to my own place.

I am eating a lot of rice since it’s kitniyot, and today I ate five different kinds: medium-grain brown, short-grain white, white basmati, medium-grain white, and wild. Plus rice noodles. I can’t wait to get back to eating normally, though.


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