Day 2.97

Feeling: tired and dissociative
Smelling: my body wash, a Green Bean americano
Seeing: the night sky projected inside an inflatable dome
Tasting: Gubeen and aubergine
Hearing: the waterfall in the Blarney fern garden

I meant to wake up early, but not as early as I did. Oh well. Rice porridge was for breakfast, and Steven who was still awake wanted to Skype. My parents came by around half ten, and they dropped off some food items while I gave them clothing items I no longer needed to take back to the States.

Our first stop was Blackrock Castle. My new friend said she could get my family in for free, and she made good on her word! The castle itself is beautiful, and the fact that it was repurposed to something relevant, useful, and interesting is something we all admired. We took a tour and did the planetarium show, which showed us what was in the night sky this month. We had lunch at the Castle Café after that, owned by the Market Lane people. That was absolutely fantastic and I have to go back there for brunch as soon as possible.

We went to another castle after that– Blarney! I didn’t climb the castle and kiss the stone since I’d already done it and wasn’t feeling like it again. But I had a nice walk by myself, and then more walking when the family came down from the castle. By the time we went to the Woolen Mills, I was feeling exhausted so mum encouraged me to sit down in the café. I had a hot chocolate from Insomnia, which I remember Laura recommending strongly. I liked it, but not enough to finish it without David’s help. I guess I prefer dark hot chocolate to milk hot chocolate.

We went back to the hotel. It was very cool, recently redone. I curled up in bed for a while, then we went to the Quay Co-op restaurant. Just as it began to drizzle, my parents drove me back to my place. I hugged them goodbye and then went inside to chill out, at last.


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