Day 2.100

Feeling: warm duvet cover fresh from the laundrette
Smelling: two different kinds of hot chocolates in my apartment
Hearing: someone in the adjacent practice room playing a ballad version of “Shape of You”
Seeing: sun shine into the kitchen
Tasting: poached eggs, matzah crack

I was feeling too tired and nauseated to do much this morning. I did, however, go to SuperValu for the third time this week and still forgot to get extra-virgin olive oil. I did get extra-large garbage bags to help clean up the kitchen, though. My main purpose of going was to get almond milk so my pal Jack and I could make for each other our special hot chocolate recipes, since we both think we make the best hot chocolate. I still like my own better, but Jack had a pretty good edge with the white chocolate. We also watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World, which I hadn’t watched in a while and is still one of my favorites.

I went to the practice room but I ended up being way too tired to focus. I hope I can get some good rest and beat this chronic fatigue.

Oh, and this is day 100 of the second semester of living in Ireland! Yesterday was exactly a month until I leave. I’m not looking forward to leaving, but I also have things to look forward to returning to, y’know? Like Colm keeps saying, my life is in a really good place right now and a lot of it’s going to end.


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