Day 2.102

Tasting: cinnamon-orange gelato
Feeling: sun shining in my face, sore right shin
Smelling: three different things being cooked at once
Seeing: sun reflecting off the Nike swoosh
Hearing: Mark’s voice, a belligerent bird making odd disgruntled noises

I willed myself to stay in bed extra-long in bed in attempt to make up for a late bedtime, but when I finally did get up I wanted to get a workout. I started walking to the gym but felt overdressed so I decided to turn back to my place and change into some running gear. It was an short run, since I hadn’t done one in a while (PT’s orders!) but nice to get out in the sunshine. Everyone else was out catching the sun too. It was funny, I decided to listen to a new workout playlist but I forgot to download it, but I went a few kilometers before it stopped playing. Magic.

Once I was showered, I went to the Centra to take out some cash and on my way out I overheard one of the lads saying “…and she was wearing black socks so she looked really sexy.” I couldn’t help but imagine that the socks in question were like, black men’s sports socks. Sexy indeed. Anyway, when I was walking back to mine I saw Mark standing outside; I recognized him because of the shiny Nike swoosh on his sneakers. We went to get gelato, then took a walk around town and around the Loch. About five hours had gone by by the time he had to go.

I still probably went to bed a little too late that night.


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