Day 2.103

Feeling: slightly sweaty
Smelling: gross leather fencing gloves
Tasting: mediocre Chinese buffet food
Seeing: quiet city streets
Hearing: a teenager screaming on the phone to her mum, the Penumbra podcast

I was determined to start the day like I would start a school day– getting up promptly, drinking coffee and eating a hearty breakfast. I tried my best around 8 after waking up around 5:30. I did some cartooning just for my own relaxation, but went to the library for a couple hours to start some studying and research (the latter of which I believe I was fairly late to do). Since I was losing concentration and ended up just staring at the page at one point, I decided that I needed to go home and do yoga. It really did help.

When I first arrived at training I was only the third person there. It was quite light that night due to how several of our members were at Nationals, plus it was still a holiday. And since none of the armorers were there and no one else had a key to the lockers, so we essentially trained for two hours but didn’t get to go up on piste. I still got to do some great training with Donnchda, particularly to work on my blade speed.

Myself and three of my teammates went to a Chinese buffet afterwards, which was a nice way to relax with them. I was still fairly quiet and tired, as I was at the beginning of training, but it’s nice just spending time among them.


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