Day 2.104

Smelling: sulfurous streets
Feeling: sore hamstrings
Seeing: pretty cappuccino art
Hearing: an near-empty church to practice in, a loud and talkative American student
Tasting: new ice cream, a fantastic chickpea/spinach/cheddar/mozz quesadilla

I’d set an alarm for 7 but that felt too early when I woke up so I tried 7:30 instead, made some French toast with sautéed bananas, drank some tea, and lay in bed for longer. I lay in twilight sleep until I was ready to actually get up, which was about 9. I made it to the gym at a quarter past 10 and got a little upper back and bicep workout with a little cardio, but wasn’t feeling energetic enough to do more. That’s fine though.

I went grocery shopping again. Hey, it’s Sunday, that’s what you’re supposed to do at the start of a week. I saw this adorable cock-eared young husky on the way there!

fullsizeoutput_5eaMy next goal was to read some of Languages in Britain & Ireland and get caffeinated in Café Depeche, then journey onwards to the practice room. I didn’t get much read in the café– there was a customer, who like me, was an American exchange student chatting up the barista about her own Erasmus experience in Spain. Both parties in conversation really seemed like cool people, but I was a little dismayed just because I usually get more concentration in Depeche. Also, when living over here, hearing a North American accent in public sometimes makes me cringe. I know that sounds like an asshole thing to say, and maybe it is, but I won’t explore every single aspect of that feeling right now.

In the music building on my way to the toilets, yer wan approached me asking if I played piano as she was looking for an emergency substitute accompanist for her violin exam. I really wanted to help her, but I’m not at the level she needed, especially with classical piano. I wish her the best of luck finding a teacher.

I had more success practicing one piece, “Gentle Rain” than with the other, “All the Things You Are.” It got kind of frustrating, but I think I was productive enough. When I returned home I was very hungry and ate a fantastic quesadilla and delicious mung bean stew from the co-op, and finished the chapter I was trying to work on.

Oh, and I don’t know if it was even necessary to say that today was punctuated by several episodes of Brooklyn 99.


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