Day 2.105

Smelling: a summer night
Feeling: too warm and stifled under my windbreaker
Tasting: PSL blondie
Hearing: triple-j “Like a Version” song covers
Seeing: lots of green in the view over the city and on campus

It was rough getting up this morning, but I did get up somewhat on time thanks to an amazing technology called an alarm. After breakfast I decided to make these coffee blondies with pumpkin spice chips. Getting to the practice room was kinda late, but that worked out fine for me. I felt really together in practice, like I finally know what I’m doing. I still need more practice but I can do that.

I spent the afternoon eating, reading my Celtic Languages, and watching only one episode of Brooklyn 99. I accidentally got ready for training half an hour early– I was a little on edge today. Training was nice, even if it was all drills. After, I cleaned up the kitchen and listened to Jack O’Rourke’s album Dreamcatcher and went to bed a little too late.


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