Day 2.106

Tasting: spaghetti bolognese (without the meat)
Hearing: construction on the way to practice
Smelling: a sandalwood candle
Feeling: cold rain on my hands and face, dehydrated
Seeing: alternating rain and sunshine

​After a practice session in the morning, I walked to the Mardyke to see if they had my water bottle, and naturally they didn’t. Basically, anything lost in that gym is lost. I wasn’t too upset about the item lost, I just hate losing things. I bought some fruits and vegetables at Con’s on the way  back home, chilled out on my bed for a bit, and decided I needed a run since I was feeling antsy. I only ran for a couple of kilometers since there was strong wind and rain, plus I remembered that I really shouldn’t be running with the state that my back, knees, and ankles are in. I then made myself a hearty late lunch that was a cross between shakshuka and spaghetti bolognese, and attempted to study.

Studying wasn’t going too well, so I went over to my teammate Nigel’s gaff down the road for tea, and to check it out as a possible venue for my farewell party. When I returned, I was feeling pretty stressed about how I didn’t do as much today as I wish I had. My mom reminded me not to stress about it since there’s never any use in worrying, and my friend Mark said that getting anything done is worth it. So I refocused myself on submitting an application for a research assistant position on my home campus. It’s not a dream internship or anything, but it’s very cool and I’d be thrilled to have it.


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