Day 2.107

Tasting: Bailey’s cheesecake
Feeling: crampy legs
Seeing: sun in the city center of Cork
Smelling: sunscreen
Hearing: the pop music playlist in Hassett’s

After practice, I met up with Leah at Hassett’s for her first visit, and visit #843 for me. I had one of the best sandwiches I’ve gotten there, which was packed with veggies and feta and tuna. We got desserts too– Leah got a chocolate slice and I got a Bailey’s cheesecake. It was fun hanging out with her and I was happy to try a dessert I hadn’t yet. I stopped by Cummin’s to get a new water bottle this time, one that was cheaper and bigger than the last. I went to the English Market for soda bread, then the Quay Co-op.

I got a good chunk of studying done that evening. I kinda hope that Welsh is on the exam because I think I learned a lot about it last night. And I was surprised with how much food science study I got done that night.


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