Day 2.109

Tasting: surprisingly good chocolate birthday cake
Hearing: glasses breaking, RA chants
Smelling: the hair wax Sean used on my new haircut
Seeing: colored lights, the view from my professor’s office
Feeling: sore feet, very tired and weak

What got me out the door in the morning was my barber appointment, which didn’t go quite as well as I’d liked. Mainly just that I could have waited a week or two before getting it trimmed but I was getting really tired of my fuzzy sides, but the sides ended up looking just slightly patchy. It was at 9:30 appointment, so perhaps Sean didn’t have enough time to warm up, heh. Well I guess I made the appointment somewhat last-minute so I hope I didn’t ruin his plans last night.

I cancelled rehearsal. I’m not going to go into too much detail about what’s in my head right now, but I wasn’t feeling strong enough to rehearse and I already had to meet my professor that afternoon. I watched plenty of B99, met with the Celtic languages prof and went back to my room to laze about and nap until it was time to head out to Barra’s party.

I arrived pretty early, which felt a little awkward at first but it was nice to meet Barra’s and Laura’s families. The party picked up soon enough though, once the very late DJ arrived. There was serious tunage, and plenty of fried foods (most of which was potatoes) and cake and drinks and it was fantastic. I was amused about everyone shout-sang the national anthem at the end, followed by some RA chants. Also, when we sang happy birthday, instead of inserting a “cha-cha-cha” someone exclaimed “up the RA!”

We tried to go out afterwards, but it was difficult to find somewhere that would let us all get in. So I walked home, somewhat bitter, until I was informed that a few people were gathered at Laura’s house which was right near my place. We chatted for a bit, then I went home and had a surprisingly difficult time getting to sleep but did eventually. I felt happy again.


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