Day 2.110

Tasting: a Milky Way crispy roll in my mocha
Feeling: sore in the shoulders, nauseated
Smelling: the heater turn on
Hearing: the Jack O’Rourke (plus Strung and Anna Mitchell) concert with the Cork Opera House Concert Orchestra
Seeing: a very swollen River Lee, a grey and drizzly sky

I’m gonna do that thing where you start a movie by showing a part from the end. I talked to my mum on the phone before I went to sleep, and she told me about a t-shirt she saw that said “my morning routine includes lying in bed for 10 minutes thinking about how tired I am.” Well, that’s how I started my day. Not sleeping in a ton, but having a lie-in, as they say around here.

I decided that I needed to get back into the gym after about a week of not going. My body (and mind) was starting to feel kinda sad and restless, so I went to do some leg strength training and that felt pretty good. Except for how I may have injured my knees from trying to run recently.

I went to practice for a bit, then realized I was running short on time since I had told Greer that we’d study for Celtic Languages together. I picked up a three-pack of donuts on the way home, though, because how can one study without donuts? We had a pretty good time going over the exam, but I’m wondering if I’m studying the right things.

Then Mark came to pick me up for the concert, where we were going to see his friend/teacher Jack O’Rourke play through his new album with the Cork Opera House Concert Orchestra! There were two opening acts, which combined, were probably as long as Jack’s set himself. It was such a fantastic and unique concert, and I’m very lucky to see a local, but rising, artist in such a fantastic venue.


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