Day 2.111

Smelling: some weed on the streets
Feeling: comfortable in bed
Tasting: a falafel “meatball” sub, Old Bay on chips
Hearing: the new Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, a confused but chipper Deliveroo rider’s voice on the phone
Seeing: swans in the river

The morning was spent with lots of laying about in bed and watching stuff. I got myself out of bed to go to the practice room, then walked down to the cinema to meet a friend I made on Twitter, Tomás. We watched the new Guardians of the Galaxy, which was beautiful and emotional and not what I was expecting, but a good time.

I ordered Deliveroo as is tradition when I’m harcore studying, but couldn’t focus out of fatigue. I decided that going to bed ridiculously early (like 9) was a good idea, so that I could wake up ridiculously early and study more. What happened instead was that I woke up at half 3, ate leftover shakshuka with leftover chips, then went back to sleep for another ~4 hours.



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