Day 2.114

Smelling: my carpet after being vacuumed
Seeing: the Aula Maxima lit by sun and lamps
Feeling: yawns agains the caffeine
Hearing: guitar in my jazz ensemble
Tasting: Gala apple and peanut butter, Vietnamese dark chocolate

My alarm went off at 7 to ensure that I would have plenty of time to get to my exam beginning at 9:30. I had overnight oats in the fridge and cold-brew coffee on the counter, so breakfast was pretty much made already. It felt good to get my day started early again, despite being very tired. I should try to keep this up.

The test went alright. I kept feeling sleepy during it and wanted to doze off/eat something, but I powered through. I know my USAC-mate and classmate Greer did great, since we were discussing before the test that she wanted a question of Ogam stones. As soon as I was released, I went up to the music building for my first ensemble rehearsal with a guitarist. That went okay too– I got a little lost on the improv but figured out what I needed to prevent that, and the amp kept acting up for the guitarist.

I spent the rest of the day chilling. I could have gotten a start on studying, but if I was going to take a day off it might as well be after an exam. I finally finished my first run of Undertale, and that ripped me apart but also was a little disappointing (probably because I did a neutral run).

I went to bed early that night in hopes that I would wake up early the next day.



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