Day 2.115

Tasting: raspberries
Hearing: Leah’s voice in my apartment
Feeling: sore legs, tired and comfy in bed at half 8
Smelling: roasting butternut squash
Seeing: slides from my food science and policy lectures

I aimed to get another early start so that I could get to the gym early and then head into a day of studying, but right as I was about to get there I saw a reminder on my phone that I had an appointment at the health centre. It was only a follow-up appointment that I’m sure I didn’t need, but it was too late to cancel it and I would have felt bad if I skipped it.

After I waited in there for too long to hear that nothing has changed and I’m fine, I did some lower-body strength stuff in the gym, which felt good after not lifting in a while. I may have pulled a muscle in my butt though.

I cooked lunch alongside two of my other roommates (not easily) and afterwards Leah came over and I made us hot chocolate. Eventually I got to studying, really.


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