Day 2.116

Hearing: great acoustics in rehearsal
Tasting: a craggy brown scone, lemon iced tea
Feeling: wind blow through my hair
Smelling: something weirdly minty in my room?
Seeing: a cloudy morning sky

I was sure to get out of the house early to get rehearsing, then on my way back I stopped in Café Gusto do some reading for my food policy exam. While I sat at the bar that looks out the storefront, a man sat at the other end waiting for his colleague. After yer man arrived they got coffees and I heard the first guy telling his mate:

“While I was waiting for you I thought, good opportunity to get on social media. So I went on Twitter and I was liking this and retweeting that, and then I thought I’d just put away my phone and enjoy the silence. And then I thought, this is where it’s at, you know? Just being a citizen.” Right on, my guy. Also before leaving I made sure to ask the barista for the Spotify playlist.

I went grocery shopping, continues reading food policy articles, and eating until I had to go back to the music building for rehearsal. We only had 30 minutes since our trombonist had to leave to catch a train, but it was actually a very good rehearsal. I’m dreading this performance less, but I wish it would get here already.


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