Day 2.117

Tasting: Three Fools americano
Smelling: chocolate-orange microwave cake
Seeing: the city in early morning
Feeling: sore legs
Hearing: an espresso machine

After going to rehearsal, I had planned to go to Ali’s Kitchen for breakfast and a bit of studying, and found a surprise when I arrived. The place was converted to “Heinz Beanz Café” for the week. So instead I went to the Quay Co-op and got a veggie breakfast bagel and studied milk salts, which was grand because it probably cost half as much.

Most of the day was studying, with a break in the afternoon to meet Evan for coffee. Also, I scheduled an interview for a possible internship this summer and talked to my parents about it– I’m very excited. I made breakfast for dinner of sweet potato hash and went to bed pretty early after reading The World in Six Songs.


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