Day 2.118

Smelling: spring flowers
Feeling: sunshine on my skin, serious hand cramp
Hearing: a bumblebee knock against my window
Tasting: too-strong coffee
Seeing: a quieter library

I’ve had a realization recently. I consider myself a mesovert; I cycle between extroversion and introversion. I need alone time to get my energy, then after enough alone time energy decreases and I need to be around people to get my energy again. Of course I can fall to one side or another over a period of time.

When I first arrived in Ireland, I tried to extrovert myself to get to know as many people as I could, and then eventually became much more reserved. Not very happy, either– it’s not like I loved being by myself much. But I felt as though there wasn’t anyone out there to become friends with. I can get myself into a rut this way– not being around friends for a long time took away the energy I needed to go out and make friends. Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the phenomenon.

Today’s activities weren’t anything too exciting or different– practicing in the morning, then gym, then studying throughout the day. I returned some books to the library, one of which was quite overdue. And I applied to a USDA internship, one with Child Nutrition Services, which feels like a longer shot than the other for which I’m interviewing. But it’s always good to have it as a possibility.

The weather today was too nice. I felt bad that I had to spend so much of the day indoors studying. But don’t worry, I didn’t study too hard– I watched the new Steven Universe episodes and finished watching Drive.


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