Day 2.119

Feeling: warm face
Seeing: the park in Ballincollig
Smelling: garlic sizzle in olive oil
Hearing: the voice of my interviewer over the phone
Tasting: caramel donut

Today started early, and early enough that Nehuen was still up so I got to talk to him for a bit, so that made my morning. I went to the gym for a bit to work on chest and shoulders, but towards the end of it I started feeling pain in my left elbow and decided I would rather leave than risk more pain before my performance. Sure it’s nothing though.

I studied some food quality, then I had an interview for a possible research assistant position on the phone, which I think went pretty well! I’ll find out this week whether or not I got it. I studied some more (yay exogenous enzymes), then went out to town to meet my friend Laura. We planned to go to Casanova, which I forgot was closed on Mondays. So I met her and Barra on Oliver Plunkett and we got donuts and 99’s at the new donut shop (mine was just okay) and went to eat them in Peace Park. They both had just gotten fidget spinners so playing with those was fun.

We then walked to Laura’s place and drove to Barra’s place to get his hurleys and rounders set, then to Ballincollig to hang out with Mark and Leah in a small park near private property. We were going to play rounders in this other larger park, but we ended up breaking up with everyone else but we reconvening later.

I cooked myself some pasta for dinner, and the smell of garlic and lemon in the pan made me feel so summery. I kind of wish I could have stayed longer but studying called. It was nice being able to relax with some friends even just for a bit.


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