Day 2.120

Seeing: a crowd at the back of the Mardyke
Hearing: some of my classmates rehearse for their music ensemble performance
Feeling: tights pricking on my skin, bottomless stomach of an appetite, warm
Smelling: sweet potato breakfast hash
Tasting: salad with lentils, lime yogurt, and rice noodles

I know it’s summer because I got to sleep without pants and didn’t wake up freezing at 4. I did, however, wake up dehydrated at 5:30, so that’s summer. I can deal with that for now, though. I made myself a hash while listening to the Penumbra podcast, and just as I was about to head out to practice I remembered that Colm’s show was on at 10 so I listened to it while studying for my food policy exam.

I honestly didn’t feel like doing anything related to the exam that afternoon. Yeah of course, when do we ever feel like studying, but it felt as if there wasn’t anything left to do and I was just waiting for the exam to start. I tried my best, ate a salad and a lot of ice cream, then lounged in bed and watched the recording of the live stream of my classmates from Maryland’s recital. Then off to the exam.

It went okay. I started feeling really scatterbrained by the time I had to start the second essay. An issue I had was that we had two write one essay on each of the halves of the module, but one had a lot fewer resources on Blackboard so I felt kinda underprepared.

Then we had rehearsal for our practical tomorrow. I was very tired. I am very tired now. So I’m going to sleep.


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