Day 2.121

Seeing: setting sun stream in through my window onto my desk
Tasting: rhubarb berry compote on yogurt
Smelling: pumpkin spice chai
Hearing: my classmates perform their finals
Feeling: sluggish and sweaty, my duvet on my shins

The day started early and slowly. I didn’t want to do anything after breakfast, and spent more time in bed and trying to go back to sleep. I had my jazz practical at 11 and it felt like ages away. So I went to Café Depeche where I sipped on a matcha latte while reading my food quality notes. There was a rather confused North American couple there who, as I was walking up the hill to Sunday’s Well, asked me if the Gaol was nearby and nearly scared the lights outta me with surprise.

I ran through a bit of our pieces with Dereck our trombonist, then just dove straight into our performance. My classmate Maeve kindly recorded it to fulfill my mom’s request of a video. I sort of wanted to stay around to see my classmates’ performances but I wanted to lie down and eat more, so I stopped by Lidl on the way home and then spent a lot of time in bed doing nothing.

After playing some of Life Is Strange and a bit more of doing nothing, I baked a cake for tea at Mary’s tomorrow. I had plenty of baking supplies to use up, so I made a gluten-free Italian almond cake but instead of topping it with pears like in the recipe I made a rhubarb-berry compote, which I put in the bottom of a loaf pan, and spread the batter on top. It was absolutely delicious, and now I have plenty of fruit compote for yogurt and pancakes.

I did some more nothing, then I did some food quality studying and ordered Indian delivery. I’m at that point where I feel like I’m just doing the same thing over and over in study and feel prepared enough to take the exam now, and any study is just review to keep things in my mind. Please let this be done soon.


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