Day 2.122

Smelling: the fryer at Lennox’s
Hearing: the music to Oxenfree
Feeling: cool air on my skin
Seeing: a new part of town I hadn’t been to before
Tasting: sadly bland pasta salad

I gave myself a nice slow start, what with not having to go to the practice room in the morning. That was such a freeing but almost uncomfortable feeling! I did some casual food quality study. At about a quarter till 11, Erin and I walked to Mary’s house. Apparently Erin hadn’t walked there from the Spires before, and I didn’t look up her address beforehand, so we used a little bit of intuition to get there. I’d baked a gluten-free Italian almond cake with berry and rhubarb compote.

There were a few other USAC-ers at Mary’s who I didn’t really know. The table was spread with a pile of Mary’s delicious scones, my favorite jam, marmelade, cream, butter, milk, and sugar. We sipped on tea and some on coffee and ate scones, and my cake didn’t get touched until towards the end. People seem to be so shy about taking my baked goods, but they liked them (humble brag).

The weather was so sunny and breezy. I didn’t feel worried about my exam, so I read some notes and listened to Ratatat. That’s my serious get-down-to-business soundtrack, usually for cranking out papers or getting a bunch of calc done. The exam was in Neptune stadium, which was on the north side across the river and a part of town I had never been in before. I didn’t like the venue. But the exam went fine, even if I could have given a bit more detail in one of my answers.

I ate a lot of pasta, then watched Brooklyn-99, then started playing Oxenfree. I met up with my teammate Laura for a drink at Rising Sons, and it was lovely to hang out with her. I got fried mushrooms at Lennox’s, which I realize are now supposed to be like a vegetarian version of wings or nuggets.


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