Day 2.123

Smelling: grassy gardeny scents
Seeing: a crowded busy McDonald’s
Feeling: the heat lamps in Franciscan Well, so many great hugs
Tasting: leftover almond cake
Hearing: Lillie’s friend’s “sesh” playlist

I didn’t get enough sleep, and the little bit of iced coffee I had in the fridge was mostly decaf so that didn’t give me too much of a kick awake. After plenty of watching and playing, I spent a lot of the day being sluggish and kinda sad, going down for a nap around 3. Then Erin and I went to Carry-Out to pick up pre-drinks for tonight.

Lillie came over a little early, then a bunch of other friends came along. Most of them were fencers, and the rest were people who live in the Spires. Andrew so kindly got me a box of Cadbury Roses, hell yeah. Lillie showed me a UCC jumper that she got a bunch of team members to sign and I got very emotional. But they kept it so that more team members could sign it at the dinner.

We got to Franwell where there were already some people waiting for us. It was packed tight and someone had taken our table since they didn’t see the reservation note, but they gave us the table with no bother. Anyway, here’s a summary of highlights:

  • Upon getting to Franwell, the bouncer showed me how my Garda ID said “this is not an identity card” on the back. I was devastated at first, that had never happened to me before. but he let me in anyhow. I’m still a little confused-angry though.
  • I had my first Franwell pizza, which Mark kindly got for me. It was delicious but softer and chewier than I expected.
  • People found out that they knew each other in the past.
  • After we got pushed out of Franwell, we went to McDonald’s since we couldn’t get into a club. Donnchdha flirted his way into free chicken tenders. Rory and I slow-danced to No. 1 Party Anthem like we said we would, only we had to sing it ourselves.
  • On the way back home, Donnchdha bride-carried me down Washington Street. I met a former fencer who’s a med student.
  • Good craic all around.

I loved spending time with my friends. I love my friends. I’m going to miss them so hard.


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