Day 2.124

Tasting: a salty salmon breakfast
Feeling: the soft jumper my teammates got me
Seeing: Basile’s hair on video chat
Smelling: tomato soup
Hearing: Oxenfree soundtrack

I got up soon to eat breakfast at Ali’s Kitchen, where I got a salmon-potato-poached eggs glorious monstrosity. I didn’t feel awkward eating by myself because I had my Nook with me (and finished The World in Six Songs) and the place is pretty small so it was meant for that sort of thing. I took a chocolate pistachio twist to go.

I was up early, lounging in bed for a few hours and finishing up B99 and playing some Oxenfree. I was going to take a nap before training but didn’t have enough time so I drank some tea and talked to Basile.

Training was alright– well, we didn’t have much equipment because we didn’t have any keys. But we played some games. I, and a lot of us, were feeling pretty rusty. I had to leave early to get my laundry before Lennox’s closed. Then I got changed and went to Captain America’s, where we were having our team dinner.

I was still really tired though and didn’t really want to head to drinks with everyone, but tagged along for a bit. Then I went home, hung out with Erin for the last time and Ellie and Greer and Alex.


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