Day 2.127

Seeing: the view from the cliffs of Baltimore
Tasting: orange Fanta
Smelling: the sea, sunscreen on my skin
Feeling: skin warm from the sun, a mild headache
Hearing: Aunty Donna podcasts

I kept falling back asleep so my day started kind of late, but I started it by packing and cleaning. I thought I was going to meet Donncdha for coffee, but it turned out that we were actually meeting tomorrow. Whoops. Well, something about black coffee on a warm day is perfect for drinking alone.

I shook it off, then went to wait on the Fullers stoop for Barra to pick me up in his car, Jessica. We stopped for petrol and Barra got a Twister, a type of ice cream pop. I’m very impressed not only with his driving but his ability to eat ice cream while driving. We picked up Leah and Mark respectively, and stopped to meet Mark’s dog Mac. Mac is so loyal and good; I was very impressed.

We listened to Aunty Donna podcasts and Childish Gambino for the almost-two hours’ drive to Baltimore. Once we were there we visited the castle, which was pretty small– just a large living-room type with some info boards and cool artifacts like swords. There was a Lurcher dog named Rí (which means “king,” so he’s king of the castle!) and an African grey parrot. Barra is afraid of exotic birds and he was giving him a death stare.

We went to a convenience shop to get some coffee and ice cream and hung out on some benches making wordplay jokes about cucks. There was a little Westie that we saw on the way into town who kept wandering and saying hi to us. I hope that she’s okay and doesn’t get lost!

We walked along the pier, attempting to skip stones on the water and then tried to get to some sort of beach. The entrance was actually found in a roundabout way– we entered private property for sale. There was a large wreckage of an unidentified building which we thought was a train station, except why would train tracks go right into the water? We figured that it was a boat station instead. Leah wasn’t really feeling comfortable where we were, even though we didn’t go into the building (except Mark briefly), so we hopped out and went on our way to the Beacon.

We took a short drive to Baltimore Beacon and tried to speak to older Francophone couple with an adorable dog. They told us they didn’t speak English, but I think I communicated with them sufficiently to get the dog’s name (“Dizzy”) and to understand that the walk up the hill wasn’t difficult.

Barra lamented how he initially wasn’t in the mood to make a Barra’s Day Out due to his head cold, and then thought he could break out the aul camera for a mini-episode at this very end. Turns out his camera is now broken. Ah well. I hear he’s going to be rebranding soon anyway.

The lads were keen on getting Four Star on the way home. We ended up getting meal deals, one split between Barra and Mark and one with Leah and me, one’s opinion of mushrooms being the dividing factor. I almost got pineapple and mushrooms on my half but decided to get falafel and mushrooms since I wasn’t ready to see this group break into a fight.

The goodbyes were bittersweet. At least I got to meet Leah’s dog and mum. I talked with Barra about why the hell we didn’t know each other this whole year. I’m really upset about that fact, by the fucking way.


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