Day 2.129

Feeling: leg and back cramps, humid heat
Tasting: Korean wings sauce
Seeing: cloudy grey sky
Smelling: gasoline/petrol
Hearing: the complete Tapes season 1 playlist, my sad about leaving playlist

Woke up at 5, allowed myself to lie in bed until 5:12, then proceeded to take out the garbage. I made some instant oatmeal and two veggie sausages. My taxi that I’d reserved the night previous seemed to already be on its way, so I brought down my bags a little frantically. When I made my last trip down, I left my key on my desk and it felt a little like leaving safety behind.

The ride to the bus stop was a little awkward, and I got there a half-hour before my planned bus but they let me on anyway. According to a message I got from Greer a little later, that was a good thing since plenty of people without tickets showed up to the 7:00 bus. I luckily had an empty seat next to me and napped through large portions of the trip.

When I got to the terminal, an agent asked me questions even before I made it to the check-in desk. Things like what I was studying and where I was living, but he was rather brisk with the questions instead of sounding like he wanted a chat (big surprise). I was kinda on edge and nervous, which is never a good look or feel in an airport. I went through security without a hitch, then the same for US preclearance. I waited by the gate and talked to my mom on the phone and cried a little bit.

The plane was surprisingly not a wide-body, but I was lucky enough to have an empty seat between me and the other passenger, who was courteous enough anyway. I made a few mistakes in terms of preparedness in entertainment: I bought American Gods on my Nook but forgot to confirm my purchase so I couldn’t actually read it, even though I already had the free sample downloaded! And I finished replaying the first episode of Life Is Strange, and even though I had purchased all 7 episodes I needed wifi to get to the second. So I mostly just listened to Tapes and dozed, plus I drew a little. Plenty of Tapes have to do with motion, and I can confirm that they are indeed great traveling playlists.

After landing, I didn’t have to go through immigration and went straight to the baggage carousel where I waited for my mum to come by with a trolley. We rolled to the car and discussed what to do then– stop in Leesburg and wait out the DC traffic, or stop later on? We decided to stop in Frederick at Family Meal, which took us through enough traffic anyway, ugh. But it was nice to return to that place for my first dinner back, and got to have some dishes I missed: shrimp and grits, mussels with delicious grilled bread, plus arugula salad and my parents had Korean-style wings. I didn’t eat those of course but had the pickle that came with.

After getting home I of course surveyed and sampled the contents of the fridge, then chilled in my room before passing out at 10.


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