Day 2.119

Feeling: warm face
Seeing: the park in Ballincollig
Smelling: garlic sizzle in olive oil
Hearing: the voice of my interviewer over the phone
Tasting: caramel donut

Today started early, and early enough that Nehuen was still up so I got to talk to him for a bit, so that made my morning. I went to the gym for a bit to work on chest and shoulders, but towards the end of it I started feeling pain in my left elbow and decided I would rather leave than risk more pain before my performance. Sure it’s nothing though.

I studied some food quality, then I had an interview for a possible research assistant position on the phone, which I think went pretty well! I’ll find out this week whether or not I got it. I studied some more (yay exogenous enzymes), then went out to town to meet my friend Laura. We planned to go to Casanova, which I forgot was closed on Mondays. So I met her and Barra on Oliver Plunkett and we got donuts and 99’s at the new donut shop (mine was just okay) and went to eat them in Peace Park. They both had just gotten fidget spinners so playing with those was fun.

We then walked to Laura’s place and drove to Barra’s place to get his hurleys and rounders set, then to Ballincollig to hang out with Mark and Leah in a small park near private property. We were going to play rounders in this other larger park, but we ended up breaking up with everyone else but we reconvening later.

I cooked myself some pasta for dinner, and the smell of garlic and lemon in the pan made me feel so summery. I kind of wish I could have stayed longer but studying called. It was nice being able to relax with some friends even just for a bit.


Day 2.118

Smelling: spring flowers
Feeling: sunshine on my skin, serious hand cramp
Hearing: a bumblebee knock against my window
Tasting: too-strong coffee
Seeing: a quieter library

I’ve had a realization recently. I consider myself a mesovert; I cycle between extroversion and introversion. I need alone time to get my energy, then after enough alone time energy decreases and I need to be around people to get my energy again. Of course I can fall to one side or another over a period of time.

When I first arrived in Ireland, I tried to extrovert myself to get to know as many people as I could, and then eventually became much more reserved. Not very happy, either– it’s not like I loved being by myself much. But I felt as though there wasn’t anyone out there to become friends with. I can get myself into a rut this way– not being around friends for a long time took away the energy I needed to go out and make friends. Anyway, that’s my thoughts on the phenomenon.

Today’s activities weren’t anything too exciting or different– practicing in the morning, then gym, then studying throughout the day. I returned some books to the library, one of which was quite overdue. And I applied to a USDA internship, one with Child Nutrition Services, which feels like a longer shot than the other for which I’m interviewing. But it’s always good to have it as a possibility.

The weather today was too nice. I felt bad that I had to spend so much of the day indoors studying. But don’t worry, I didn’t study too hard– I watched the new Steven Universe episodes and finished watching Drive.

Day 2.117

Tasting: Three Fools americano
Smelling: chocolate-orange microwave cake
Seeing: the city in early morning
Feeling: sore legs
Hearing: an espresso machine

After going to rehearsal, I had planned to go to Ali’s Kitchen for breakfast and a bit of studying, and found a surprise when I arrived. The place was converted to “Heinz Beanz Café” for the week. So instead I went to the Quay Co-op and got a veggie breakfast bagel and studied milk salts, which was grand because it probably cost half as much.

Most of the day was studying, with a break in the afternoon to meet Evan for coffee. Also, I scheduled an interview for a possible internship this summer and talked to my parents about it– I’m very excited. I made breakfast for dinner of sweet potato hash and went to bed pretty early after reading The World in Six Songs.

Day 2.116

Hearing: great acoustics in rehearsal
Tasting: a craggy brown scone, lemon iced tea
Feeling: wind blow through my hair
Smelling: something weirdly minty in my room?
Seeing: a cloudy morning sky

I was sure to get out of the house early to get rehearsing, then on my way back I stopped in Café Gusto do some reading for my food policy exam. While I sat at the bar that looks out the storefront, a man sat at the other end waiting for his colleague. After yer man arrived they got coffees and I heard the first guy telling his mate:

“While I was waiting for you I thought, good opportunity to get on social media. So I went on Twitter and I was liking this and retweeting that, and then I thought I’d just put away my phone and enjoy the silence. And then I thought, this is where it’s at, you know? Just being a citizen.” Right on, my guy. Also before leaving I made sure to ask the barista for the Spotify playlist.

I went grocery shopping, continues reading food policy articles, and eating until I had to go back to the music building for rehearsal. We only had 30 minutes since our trombonist had to leave to catch a train, but it was actually a very good rehearsal. I’m dreading this performance less, but I wish it would get here already.

Day 2.115

Tasting: raspberries
Hearing: Leah’s voice in my apartment
Feeling: sore legs, tired and comfy in bed at half 8
Smelling: roasting butternut squash
Seeing: slides from my food science and policy lectures

I aimed to get another early start so that I could get to the gym early and then head into a day of studying, but right as I was about to get there I saw a reminder on my phone that I had an appointment at the health centre. It was only a follow-up appointment that I’m sure I didn’t need, but it was too late to cancel it and I would have felt bad if I skipped it.

After I waited in there for too long to hear that nothing has changed and I’m fine, I did some lower-body strength stuff in the gym, which felt good after not lifting in a while. I may have pulled a muscle in my butt though.

I cooked lunch alongside two of my other roommates (not easily) and afterwards Leah came over and I made us hot chocolate. Eventually I got to studying, really.

Day 2.114

Smelling: my carpet after being vacuumed
Seeing: the Aula Maxima lit by sun and lamps
Feeling: yawns agains the caffeine
Hearing: guitar in my jazz ensemble
Tasting: Gala apple and peanut butter, Vietnamese dark chocolate

My alarm went off at 7 to ensure that I would have plenty of time to get to my exam beginning at 9:30. I had overnight oats in the fridge and cold-brew coffee on the counter, so breakfast was pretty much made already. It felt good to get my day started early again, despite being very tired. I should try to keep this up.

The test went alright. I kept feeling sleepy during it and wanted to doze off/eat something, but I powered through. I know my USAC-mate and classmate Greer did great, since we were discussing before the test that she wanted a question of Ogam stones. As soon as I was released, I went up to the music building for my first ensemble rehearsal with a guitarist. That went okay too– I got a little lost on the improv but figured out what I needed to prevent that, and the amp kept acting up for the guitarist.

I spent the rest of the day chilling. I could have gotten a start on studying, but if I was going to take a day off it might as well be after an exam. I finally finished my first run of Undertale, and that ripped me apart but also was a little disappointing (probably because I did a neutral run).

I went to bed early that night in hopes that I would wake up early the next day.


Day 2.112

Smelling: fresh spring air
Feeling: cool soft grass
Tasting: iced coffee
Hearing: wind whistling outside
Seeing: candle flickering on my windowsill

Most of today was spent in my room studying for Celtic Languages or working on other projects. Around early evening I began to feel really restless so I went out to the Loch to do my reading and note-taking on the grass. That was really nice, and surprisingly comfortable give or take the occasional insect.

I went to the grocery store, then cooked myself a dinner of soba with tofu and veggies, and found that studying after that was pretty futile. So instead I ate and wrote a review of ice cream, and went to bed.

Sweet Review #23: Ben & Jerry’s Topped Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough

I walked this carton home on a rather warm day and this melty oozage happened.

After over a month of anticipation, we are finally reaching the end of the B&J Topped saga. To review: we began with a delicate yet impressive Strawberry, were overwhelmed by the sugary chunky masterpiece that was Salted Caramel Brownie, and now we find out what lies beneath the chocolate-hazelnut layer of Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough.


Because I’ve already gone over the nuances of this ice cream innovation in the previous related posts, I’ll keep this review short and sweet, like the time it took for me to finish this carton and how it tasted, respectively. The ice cream is chocolate. It is a good, cocoa-rich chocolate, sorta like brownie batter. There’s not that much cookie dough (the carton says only 3%) or caramel swirl (same proportion).

That’s fine with me, since I’m not the hugest cookie dough fan and caramel that isn’t salted has become passé. I’m mostly here for the fudge ampersands, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate hazelnut topping. It’s chocolate in three different textures.

So to conclude, here’s my definitive ranking:

  1. Strawberry Swirled
  2. Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough
  3. Salted Caramel Brownie


Day 2.111

Smelling: some weed on the streets
Feeling: comfortable in bed
Tasting: a falafel “meatball” sub, Old Bay on chips
Hearing: the new Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, a confused but chipper Deliveroo rider’s voice on the phone
Seeing: swans in the river

The morning was spent with lots of laying about in bed and watching stuff. I got myself out of bed to go to the practice room, then walked down to the cinema to meet a friend I made on Twitter, Tomás. We watched the new Guardians of the Galaxy, which was beautiful and emotional and not what I was expecting, but a good time.

I ordered Deliveroo as is tradition when I’m harcore studying, but couldn’t focus out of fatigue. I decided that going to bed ridiculously early (like 9) was a good idea, so that I could wake up ridiculously early and study more. What happened instead was that I woke up at half 3, ate leftover shakshuka with leftover chips, then went back to sleep for another ~4 hours.


Day 2.110

Tasting: a Milky Way crispy roll in my mocha
Feeling: sore in the shoulders, nauseated
Smelling: the heater turn on
Hearing: the Jack O’Rourke (plus Strung and Anna Mitchell) concert with the Cork Opera House Concert Orchestra
Seeing: a very swollen River Lee, a grey and drizzly sky

I’m gonna do that thing where you start a movie by showing a part from the end. I talked to my mum on the phone before I went to sleep, and she told me about a t-shirt she saw that said “my morning routine includes lying in bed for 10 minutes thinking about how tired I am.” Well, that’s how I started my day. Not sleeping in a ton, but having a lie-in, as they say around here.

I decided that I needed to get back into the gym after about a week of not going. My body (and mind) was starting to feel kinda sad and restless, so I went to do some leg strength training and that felt pretty good. Except for how I may have injured my knees from trying to run recently.

I went to practice for a bit, then realized I was running short on time since I had told Greer that we’d study for Celtic Languages together. I picked up a three-pack of donuts on the way home, though, because how can one study without donuts? We had a pretty good time going over the exam, but I’m wondering if I’m studying the right things.

Then Mark came to pick me up for the concert, where we were going to see his friend/teacher Jack O’Rourke play through his new album with the Cork Opera House Concert Orchestra! There were two opening acts, which combined, were probably as long as Jack’s set himself. It was such a fantastic and unique concert, and I’m very lucky to see a local, but rising, artist in such a fantastic venue.